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Hi everyone,

let's remember the year 2008. The emissions scandal. Formative to this day and still a topical issue. 2015 - The Paris Climate Agreement, new emissions regulations, Euro7 and so on. We are certainly all in agreement that something urgently needs to be done in all areas against global warming.
Unfortunately we do not see this need for action at the OEMs. Instead of tackling the real problem, the OEMs invest infinitely money in development in order to somehow meet the regulation values. To name just two examples: The new Honda CBR600RR, which is only available in Japan, or the new Yamaha R6, which is not approved for road use, are consequences of this. Unfortunately, the focus is on profit. Topics like the electric motorcycle are preferred by the OEMs because of funding, whether it makes sense or not.

This isn't the best solution against global warming!

For these reasons we founded the start-up "envimo". We have made it our goal to develop motorcycles with sustainable drive systems. The focus here is on the H2 combustion engine.
We are currently four engineers with several years of professional experience in the automotive industry. As passionate motorcyclists, we are also aware of our responsibility and want to do something against global warming.

As a pioneer in the two-wheeler sector, however, intensive research and development activities are necessary, which can drive up costs very quickly. There is funding for this, but only if you have enough equity. Unfortunately, it is utopian as a startup. Therefore, in the first step, we are looking for donations & investors who provide us with capital and thus we can first gain the opportunity and access to funding. With this money we could then start the first research activities.

We want to set an example when it comes to hydrogen, inspire others and thus make the world a little better.

The envimo-Team

Starter Pack
Every support counts! As a small thank you, with a donation of € 10 or more, you will receive an envimo bottle opener or a practical headphone organizer. *shipping only in the EU
bottle opener
headphone organizer
Advanced Pack
If you want a little more! As a thank you, with a donation of € 50 or more, you will receive an envimo bottle opener and the practical headphone organizer
bottle opener
headphone organizer

We are aware of all the crowd-funding sites out there. Since we want to keep administration fees to a minimum and invest all the money in our development we choose the way of direct donations.

Stage 1 Funding: 500.000€
Development of a 700bar pressure tank and a running test bench hydrogen combustion engine.

Stage 2 Funding: 1.000.000€
Development of a rideable prototype for the race tracks.

Funding Stage 1
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